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21 October,2016
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21 October,2016
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With the launch of alibaba's successful NYSE, INTERNET service companies, web hosting companies and web design companies continue to attract more spotlight..

The following list of the top 10 companies in this field is based on s&p capital IQ data, which has accounted for four companies from Asia, specifically China, which were ranked according to market value as of September 15..

It must be emphasized that the companies on the list represent only internet search portals, services and engines, not technology in general..

1-Google "$390.5 billion".
2-Facebook "$193.9 billion".
3-Alibaba "$165 billion". "$149.6 billion".
5-China's Tencent, $147.6 billion..
6-Chinese search engine Baidu "$73.9 billion".
7-eBay, $63.3 billion..
8-Price Lane Group, $60.5 billion in travel services.
9-Yahoo "$42.3 billion"., China's e-commerce site, $39.5 billion.

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