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When you visit a site like Who has been archiving websites since 1996, you'll know that web design has gone through several stages until it's where we are now..

The first time the websites appeared in 1991, they relied on text a lot with a few images without a clear layout of the page.. Even Yahoo in 1996 was a text-grade list with some pictures at the top of the page..

In early 1998, a method emerged to design websites using tables, giving the designer the ability to plan the site elements in any degree of complexity to give the site visitors an impression of the craftsmanship of the design.. But this design method actually distorted the sites and rendered them inaccessible..

Around the same period. (A middle. 1998 And the beginning of 1999) Arabic websites that rely on images to display texts began to appear, especially since support for Arabic coding in browsers at the time was weak, as the download of Arabic sites with the least of them was very slow in the presence of internet service by phone.

Flash technology then emerged as an alternative to traditional design methods where the technology provided many visual effects that could not be performed using web programming languages at the time, so the sites used flash pages before entering the main site.

In the past four or five years, web design has begun to take another turn, relying on the organization of site elements and the addition of influences on a number of techniques, the most important of which is the technique of successive patterns. (CSS) that helped arrange and plan the site without resorting to tables.

So we have beautiful and organized sites that can be displayed on most browsers in the same way .

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