Learn about web design

It has become a necessity of life today for any company, institution, or even individual to own a website. (website) Its own, it is the easiest and best way to view your data and your company data to the world, and we will review the main steps to create your website in a very simplified and easy way.

First, the work to create your website is divided into four main points arranged by importance as follows::
First,: How to book space (hosting space) Online to host your website.
secondly: How to book and buy an address (domain name) Your site through which people reach you.
Third: How to design a website and display its contents.
Fourthly: How do you upload your website content?.

Now we answer the previous questions in some detail:
First,: How to book space (hosting space) On the Internet to host your site?
Space on the Internet is reserved by hosting companies (web hosting companies)There are many companies that specialize in providing web services (web hosting services)It offers many different offers according to the needs of your site and the technology of your displayed pages (Example: Having a database on the site)A monthly subscription is paid to the hosting company for your site (monthly rent) between (4-20) $1 per month for a medium-sized site.

secondly: How to book and buy an address (domain name) Your site through which people reach you?
Address is reserved and purchased (domain name) for your site (Example: perfectech-wd.com) Through hosting companies as well, and many hosting companies offer offers to host websites (Reserve space) And with it, you can reserve a free address for life, making it easier for you to register.
NB: It is not required to deal with the same hosting company at which the space was reserved, in advanced stages and for those who want to reserve a number of names for the purpose of future use or reselling, or in some cases where hosting companies do not offer free offers as previously mentioned.

As for the registration steps, they are as follows:
First you have to go to the hosting company's website, then choose (Buy now) or(Sign up now)Then the site will ask you to enter the address (domain name) that you want to register, and you will see an alert if this address is available (not reserved) before, then you will be asked to select the period you want to book, and then you pay via Visa.
With this, you have completed the registration process, and the site administration will send a message to your e-mail containing all the details of your site and how to control the space and other capabilities, and then you, in turn, log in through the control panel to enjoy the various site services by creating a number of mail accounts under the name Your location, database creation, and other options available to you.

Third: How do you design the site and display its contents?
Here ends the administrative steps to create the site, and the practical technical aspect remains, which is designing the content of the site itself, and many people, especially major companies in this aspect, prefer to deal with well-known design companies. (web design companies)Of course, this is very expensive, and there are also those who prefer to deal with one professional person (web designer) To design the site, but there are also those who like to design their own site, and in this case they need to use programs dedicated to designing sites on the Internet, such as Frontpage from Microsoft and Dreamweaver from Adobe, and these programs create pages in a format (html) Which are displayed inside the Internet browser, and these programs are available everywhere and the way to learn them is very simple and available with a simplified explanation on educational sites on the Internet, such as Lynda, which is distinguished in explaining these programs via video.
When the third step is completed, the output will be a set of files and images, and it remains to be uploaded to the server (Space you booked in advance) To have your site ready.

Fourthly: How to raise the contents of your site on the Internet?
To upload these files we use the . technology (FTP) Which is a simplified way to exchange files between your device and the server (Your space with the hosting company)It is carried out by means of a number of programs (FTP) Most of them are free, such as FileZilla, but if you use Frontpage or Dreamweaver, they contain a program (FTP) To upload a site directly after design or modification.
Here we congratulate you. Your website is now ready to receive visitors from anywhere in the world, and if you need any help, you will find in the hosting companies sections for technical support and they will answer all your inquiries either through online chat or by e-mail or phone, and they are responsible for clarifying All things to answer all your questions .