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Web hosting (In English: web hosting) According to the definition of the Internet, the internet sites are only a domain name or domain which is the name or address of the site that transfers the browser to the desired site and this site contains pictures, writings and materials that in turn should be on a server.
And the proliferation of Internet hosting (Spaces) Free and paid in the world by country

Here it is clear what web hosting means where hosting means hosting a server or server (Server ) Web materials and contents of a particular site and connects the domain of this site to the ip address of the server and can be divided the types of hosting into free and paid hosts and some companies tend to provide free hosting service in exchange for special services such as advertising on their hosted sites as well as companies or individuals who tend to host their sites on free servers waive many benefits in exchange for these free, the trend these days to free hosting is very simple and very little Some of the few individuals in small personal sites are mostly because of the significantly lower cost of paid hosting compared to previous periods, which tempts site owners to enjoy the many benefits they receive with paid hosting

Types of hosting
1. Free hosting service: It is a service provided by some large sites but this is in exchange for the ads you place and post on customer sites.
2. Shared hosting service : The hosting server contains many sites ranging from bladders or thousands of sites (This is calculated by the size of the server)
3. Virtual hosting service : Which is to be shared as a server ( Server ) Between a group of sites each site should have its own operating system and distribute the sources among them
4. Cloud Hosting Service : It's like a virtual hosting, but it's characterized by the participation of a server. ( Server ) By dividing resources from the server segmentitself or on the hardware environment and not depending on the division through the program and under the software environment called Cloud Hosting
5. Personalized hosting service : Which is to rent the site as a server. ( Server ) Special and unique and not shared by anyone and this is the most expensive of the previous types.
Recellat : It is a service for hosting distributors, allowing a person to offer free or paid hosting to others.

The server is a private server for your site or for the work of a hosting company that takes a job from one of the foreign or Arab data centers and is equipped in important settings only such as the control panel and others and you are equipped with its settings of protection and the additions you want and gives the server more ability to control your site so that you can install programs for servers and others and you can rely on the hosting company to fully equip the server and be managed through it but this will cost you more amount.
Hosting plan

Hosting companies divide their services into a number of plans, each plan has specifications and has a specific price, the most important specifications of the plan that you must stand at when choosing the following plan:

Storage space : This is the amount of space available to the customer in the hard drive, which will contain all the files and contents of his site.
Volume of data exchange : Or the so-called Bandwidth which is the amount of data that is transferred to and from the site, whether by browsing ( A transfer of the page from the server to the browser device) Or by download or any form of data exchange.
Number of sites allowed : How many sites are allowed to be added to the same plan.
Number of databases : How many databases are allowed to be built on the same plan.
Number of ATP accounts : How many VTP accounts can the site owner make for his assistants on the site?.
Number of mail accounts : How many mail accounts are hosted on the same plan.
A.P. special for the site : It is an IP address intended solely for the use of the hosted site.
Number of subdomains : How many domains or subdomains are an example in the previous example is considered a subdomain name in the previous example..
Price : This is what companies vary and compete to offer the highest prices to win the largest segment of customers.
And other specifications that differ from a company to a second company.

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