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    Welcome to Perfectech, the Arab leader in web design and e-commerce.


  • It has become a necessity of life today for any company, institution, or even individual to own a website. (website) Its own, it is the easiest and best way to view your data and your company data to the world, and we will review the main steps to create your website in a very simplified and easy way. First, the work to create your website is divided into four main points arranged by importance as follows:: First,: How to book space… more

    What is the best programming language? And maybe most of those who want to practice in the world of programming have this question and follow him in his dreams, he may start to learn a certain programming language and then discover that it was a wrong choice, then try again another language and discover that it is not suitable either, and so it keeps going in… more

    The SEO is an abbreviation to Search Engine Optimization and means in Arabic configuration or improvement for search engines and in colloquial processing your site or your own page for google search engines and others and according to the technology of programming and design of the website supporting this order we use the SEO to raise the rank of our sites in search engines so that they appear in the front pages and after appearing in the first pages we start… more

    Web hosting (In English: web hosting) According to the definition of the Internet, the internet sites are only a domain name or domain which is the name or address of the site that transfers the browser to the desired site and this site contains pictures, writings and materials that in turn should be on a server. And the proliferation of Internet hosting (Spaces) Free and paid in the world by countries here is clear… more

    With the launch of alibaba's successful NYSE, INTERNET service companies, web hosting companies and web design companies continue to attract more spotlight.. The following list of the top 10 companies in this field is based on s&p capital IQ data, which has accounted for four companies from Asia, specifically China, which have been ranked according to value.… more

    When you visit a site like Archive.org that has been archiving websites since 1996, you'll know that web design has gone through several stages until it's where we are now.. The first time the websites appeared in 1991, they relied on text a lot with a few images without a clear layout of the page.. Even yahoo's website… more

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