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Advertising websites and e-marketing

The SEO is an abbreviation to Search Engine Optimization and means in Arabic the configuration or improvement of search engines and in colloquial processing your site or your own page for google search engines and others and according to the programming technology and design of the website supporting this command

We use the SEO to upgrade our sites in search engines so that they appear in the front pages and after they appear in the front pages we start receiving visitors and our site becomes the link with the whole world and from anywhere to reach our business for everyone

Also without the SEO visitors come to your site in a number of ways such as social networks Twitter and Facebook and some ads on the sites

There is. 3 Types of SEO technologies which are :

WHITE HAT SEO : It is short to follow the guidance of search engines in improving your site without any irregularities and your site will appear after it with the first results of the search engines . This technology results slow and needs a lot of patience i mean you can see its results on your site in a year or more or less but it is safe and guarantees you a very long stay in the search engine and gain the trust of the search engine .

BLACK HAT SEO : It takes the same technical guidelines as the previous WHITE HAT SEO, but it adds a lot of irregularities to search engines. .. This technology results very fast I mean you can see your site appears with the first results in a very short period and sit first in the search results for a month or two or maybe a year you and your luck with the search engine and suddenly you find your site disappeared from the search results or your target word applied to it this technology does not exist in the ranks 100 From search pages .. An example of this technique IS BLACK HAT SEO spam annoying comments in blogs and also add topics in forums such as add 1000 موضوع في 1000 Forum and have the same topic and the same link to the annoying site

GREY HAT SEO is the same white hat seo but there are some different ways that might be violated by the search engine or may not contradict you such as using the target word in your topic in order to appear with the first results .

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